T-Mobile 4G LTE CellSpot promises better indoor coverage

indoor coverage key to success
American telecom network operator T-Mobile today announced the launch of 4G LTE CellSpot, a mini tower, to boost indoor coverage in 3,000 sq. feet area.

You can set up the 4G LTE mini-tower – with low power settings for indoor use – throughout your home and small business.

Recently, T-Mobile said its 4G network reached more than 300 million Americans competing with Verizon and AT&T.

The Wi-Fi CellSpot Router uses Wi-Fi for calling and texting, while 4G LTE CellSpot delivers VoLTE, HD voice, messaging, video calling, etc. on T-Mobile LTE network.

In a statement, T-Mobile today said it is offering the 4G LTE CellSpot, a small cell solution, to Simple Choice postpaid customers without any fee. T-Mobile is offering one 4G LTE CellSpot per business or home location to Simple Choice customers with a refundable $25 deposit and a non-return fee.

“Where the T-Mobile Wi-Fi CellSpot’s like a T-Mobile tower, this new 4G LTE CellSpot is a T-Mobile mini-tower,” said John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile.

T-Mobile customers have already used more than 1 million Wi-Fi CellSpot Routers since last year and are making more than 11 million calls per day over Wi-Fi.

T-Mobile is targeting small businesses who need to provide coverage for employees and visitors. The 4G LTE CellSpot supports up to 16 calls at one time; works with any 3G, 4G or LTE device compatible with T-Mobile’s network, including those that can’t use Wi-Fi calling; and can deliver 4G LTE even in places where cellular signals aren’t available.

The CellSpot, which measures 8.5” wide by 8.5” tall and is 1.3” thick, will be available November 4 in stores nationwide or shipped through T-Mobile Customer Care.

Baburajan K
[email protected]