T-Mobile doubles LTE network in 2015, ready for spectrum auction in 2016

T-Mobile SkywritingT-Mobile Neville Ray Chief Technology Officer (CTO) on Wednesday revealed the telecom network operator’s main achievements in 2015 and future plans for 2016.

The telecom network operator has more than doubled its 4G LTE coverage to 304 million Americans in 2015.

T-Mobile Extended Range LTE will improve its LTE signal for customers across 300 markets.

You can now find T-Mobile Wideband LTE with peak speeds of 150Mbps in places like San Francisco and New York City.

T-Mobile has made investment in improving network speeds.

T-Mobile Extended Range LTE carries LTE signal 2x farther and 4x deeper into buildings. The service is available to customers in major cities including Atlanta, Detroit, Indianapolis, LA, Miami, Philadelphia—and, as of last week, Seattle, Cincinnati and New York City.

Customers in more suburbs and smaller towns including Helena and Kalispell, Montana; Sioux Falls, Sturgis, and Watertown, South Dakota; and Palestine and Athens, Texas now have T-Mobile LTE for the very first time.

In 2015 alone, LTE footprint grew almost 1 million square miles or a third of the entire continental US. T-Mobile brought LTE to 219 new markets.

“Almost 40 percent of calls made on the T-Mobile network are now on VoLTE,” Ray said.

In 2015, T-Mobile used the 700MHz spectrum bought from Verizon.

T-Mobile in 2016

T-Mobile will be LTE into new suburbs, towns and destinations for the first time.

“We’ll continue building more speed and capacity, and roll out new technologies like 4×4 MIMO and 3-band carrier aggregation,” Ray said.

T-Mobile will participate in the upcoming broadcast spectrum auction, while continuing to champion more innovation with LTE-Unlicensed (LTE-U).

When 5G is ready, T-Mobile will be ready to deliver the benefits to our customers. The company advises that the teaser you have seen from its rival does not mean anything because the standards for 5G are just getting ready and these teasers are gimmicks.

Baburajan K
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