T-Mobile leads in 4G download and upload speed: Opensignal

T-Mobile US has dominated the download and upload speed experience in Opensignal’s latest Mobile Network Experience Report.
T-Mobile vs Verizon speed test
Download speed

T-Mobile US customers clocked 23.6 Mbps download speed on its LTE network. Verizon network offered 22.9 Mbps download speed on its LTE network. AT&T customers could receive 22.5 Mbps download speed on its LTE network. Sprint offered 19.2 Mbps download speed on its LTE network.

Upload speed

T-Mobile customers have experienced 7.3 Mbps upload speed on its LTE network. Verizon offered 6.9 Mbps upload speed on its LTE network. AT&T customers enjoyed 4.9 Mbps upload speed on its LTE network. Sprint’s upload speed on its 4G LTE network was just 2.4 Mbps.

4G availability

Verizon with 94.8 percent, T-Mobile with 94.2 percent, AT&T with 89.6 percent and Sprint with 89.5 percent are the leaders in 4G availability.

Heidi Hemmer, VP, Network & Technology at Verizon, said: “We continue to distance ourselves from the other wireless service providers as we win coverage, reliability and speed tests over and over, consistently, over several years.”

“This performance leadership — the combination of the broadcast coverage, unparalleled reliability and the most consistently fast speeds — sets Verizon’s consumer and business customers up for great network experiences in 4G LTE and as we continue our 5G rollout,” Heidi Hemmer said.

T-Mobile is on par with Verizon for 4G availability and tied with AT&T for network responsiveness.

T-Mobile customers get reliable coverage and fast speeds on LTE network that’s more than tripled in reach since 2014. T-Mobile connects 99 percent of Americans with LTE, and coverage grows every day.

“T-Mobile continues to push the industry forward on speed and performance — no other network consistently ranked as high. It’s clear — the Un-carrier network squares off head-to-head with the big guys in every single measure in the latest report from Opensignal,” said Neville Ray, chief technology officer at T-Mobile.

AT&T is in third place in download speed Experience. AT&T is now within a megabit of challenging the download speed leader in its measurements, and its average 4G Download Speed of 24.6 Mbps was the fastest due to new spectrum and network upgrades.

T-Mobile won Download Speed Experience award. T-Mobile also wrenched Upload Speed Experience award away from Verizon. Verizon is still highly competitive in both metrics. T-Mobile faces challenge from AT&T in Download Speed Experience.

The first commercial 5G services may be live in the U.S., but that hasn’t stopped operators from improving their 4G networks. That means there was increase in average user 4G Download Speed from every major operator. All four operators have surpassed 20 Mbps in download speed. The biggest jump we recorded was for AT&T. Average 4G download speed on AT&T’s network was 24.6 Mbps.

Verizon again led all operators in our 4G availability. Growth in 4G availability has nearly ground to a halt. Verizon and T-Mobile have achieved above 94 percent in 4G availability in the United States. AT&T and Sprint have reached below the 90 percent milestone in 4G availability.

Baburajan K