Tablet plans account for 40% of mobile broadband in U.S.

Telecom Lead America: Tablet tariffs are growing at a
steady rate in the U.S market and tablet plans account for 40 percent of all
mobile broadband plans, with an average of six tablet types available from each
operator, according to Strategy Analytics Mobile Broadband Price Benchmarking


The findings reveal that mobile operators are now
promoting tablet sales as well as phones and other devices.


The launch of the new, third generation Apple iPad has
been quickly adopted, as well as the Samsung Galaxy Tablet, returning to the
roster of devices after lengthy legal challenges.


Offering tablet plans and devices is a key part of
mobile operator strategy. Of all the plans available from mobile operators,
tablet plans now account for almost 40 percent. Strategy Analytics expects this
number to continue to grow. As new devices come onto the market, operators are
keen to add them to their portfolio. We have seen a slowdown in the
introduction of operator-branded tablets of late, however,” said Pawel Kmiec,
author of the report.


There is much more in the way of 4G-specific tablet
plans, too. Vodafone in Germany and Sprint in the US have both recently added
4G tablet plans to their range of offerings. With the scale and speed of 4G
rollouts gathering pace, Strategy Analytics predicts a dramatic increase in 4G
tablet plans in 2012.


Telecom operators increase number of tablet specific mobile
broadband plans


Earlier, the market analysis firm found that the number
of tablet devices offered by operators is growing with many providing at least
five different tablets.


4G/LTE plans, increasingly prevalent in mobile broadband
offers, are now starting to appear specifically for tablets.


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