Taqua upgrades Small Cell Core server with new VoWiFi and VoLTE capabilities

Telecom Lead America: Taqua, a supplier of
convergence switching and small cell deployment solutions, announced that its
TCS6100 Small Cell Convergence core has been upgraded with Voice over WiFi
(VoWiFi) and Voice over LTE (VoLTE) capabilities.


The upgrade will enable deployment of several million
subscribers and provide carriers with increased flexibility for their small
cell deployments.


This new small cell core release is a significant
milestone for Taqua. Our customers are seeing strong demand for femtocells that
require high capacity nodes to accommodate increased traffic by smartphones.
These new capacity updates will satisfy this growing demand, while our VoWiFi
and VoLTE enhancements will provide additional deployment flexibility,” said
Scott Weidenfeller, CMO at Taqua.


Taqua’s TCS6100 Small Cell Convergence Server
(TCS6100) extends macro network feature and functionality to femtocell
subscribers, while providing seamless femto-to-macro handoff.


The TCS6100 utilizes a 3GPP2-compliant SIP-based
architecture and delivers voice, messaging, and data convergence while
providing supplementary, regulatory, and emergency services for the service
provider’s femtocell or other small cell subscribers.


The latest release of Taqua’s TCS6100 will provide
services for several million subscribers. The Taqua TCS6100 delivers macro
network features and service-layer interworking essential for new small cell
services, while meeting strict reliability and quality standards.


The server integrates with incumbent Operations Support
Systems (OSS) and Business Support Systems (BSS), enabling the service provider
to extend existing operations practices to its femto-based or other small cell


Furthermore, it allows the carrier to expand its mobile
network capacity without re-engineering the circuit-based mobile core, while
providing a graceful migration to next-generation VoIP and IMS architectures.


Cellcom, Airvana and Taqua join forces to deliver Femtocell-as-a-Service


Recently, Taqua, Airvana and Cellcom partnered to deliver
Femtocell-as-a-Service for small North American wireless carriers using
FemtoCloud technology.


These companies will jointly showcase the FemtoCloud
platform at CTIA. Cellcom plans to begin offering FemtoCloud as a service to
CDMA North American regional carriers later this month.


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