Tata Communications launches mobile broadband solutions enabled by IPX+ framework

Tata Communications has launched its IPX+ (IP
eXchange) mobile broadband enablement framework.


This is mainly to help capitalize on the latest
technology innovations in the mobile broadband space via better
inter-provider mobile service delivery and management.


Tata Communications said that 70 mobile network operators
(MNOs) have signed up for the new framework.


The IPX+ framework enables MNOs to support mobile
applications with better efficiency via a consolidated network that has
optimized utilization, simplified interconnect arrangements, and managed


MNOs need solutions that deliver tangible benefits and
improved efficiencies while tackling accelerated data growth. While IPX is a
key component of the overall service, MNOs are looking at the areas where they
can be better positioned to deliver and monetize the customer experience
efficiently. The IPX+ framework was developed to address this need,” said Allan
Chan, executive vice president, Global Carrier Solutions, Tata


We work with MNOs all around the world, supporting the
largest on-net mobile signalling and voice community. Seventy MNOs have already
signed up to the IPX+ framework,” Chan added.


The framework brings the benefits of faster
time-to-new-services and leverages a smart and flexible infrastructure. The
IPX+ framework will also include LTE Roaming, Voice over LTE (VoLTE), and
application enablement solutions for real-time rich media applications.


Tata Communications framework
provides a converged interconnect platform, enabling end-to-end management
across mobile networks for the delivery of multiple services over


MNOs have consolidated access to mobile data roaming and
transport options including Global VPN, IP transit and the newly available IPX
Connect. IPX Connect provides GRX and managed transport with a path to IPX
for data roaming and transport, together with greater Quality of Services (QoS)
and security.   


Voice and signalling / roaming solutions are integrated
within the IPX+ framework. With added managed service delivery options,
including strategic sourcing and management solutions, the IPX+ framework
offers alternatives to improve efficiency and response time to changing


Tata Communications recently announced new addition to its InstaApps Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) portfolio
in the form of Human Capital Management (HCM).


By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]