TD-LTE speed reaches world record..more to come

Telecom Lead India: TD-LTE speeds are gaining momentum. This time, it is a world record for Nokia Siemens Networks.

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Mobile broadband equipment major Nokia Siemens Networks has achieved TD-LTE throughput speeds of 1.6 Gigabits per second (Gbps).

The Finnish company used its commercialFlexi Multiradio 10 Base Station to receive and send data in simultaneous downlink and uplink connections, reaching an overall speed of 1.6 Gbps. At this speed, a 3 Gigabyte (GB) high definition (HD) movie would download in 24 seconds while over 1.7 GB of data could be uploaded at the same time.

The speed will encourage telecom operators to choose TD-LTE for their 4G roll outs. Currently, FD-LTE is more popular than TD-LTE.

Mobile broadband players will also benefit as with its commercial Flexi Multiradio 10 Base Station and MU-MIMO, NSN is ready to help operators significantly increase per site capacity and uplink capacity at a reduced cost.

Nokia Siemens achieved the speed record at its lab in Arlington Heights, Illinois, USA.

Interestingly, this is the company’s fifth straight LTE speed record in the past six months.

“We have been pushing the limits in 4G technology, and this time we have done so with 1.6 Gbps data throughput and increased uplink capacity. We are proud to be enabling the commercial readiness for LTE-Advanced and beyond,” said Tommi Uitto, head of mobile broadband value creation management at Nokia Siemens Networks.

The earlier record was also with Nokia Siemens Networks when the speed was 1.3 Gbps data throughput on TD-LTE.

In the new record, the company used 60 MHz of aggregated spectrum with an 8-pipe radio module that enables eight streams of uplink MU-MIMO. With this approach, Nokia Siemens Networks is taking TD-LTE beyond the LTE-Advanced (4G) specifications that require only four streams of uplink MU-MIMO. TD-LTE can enable users to enjoy rich video content and other advanced services with even greater data throughput.

Nokia Siemens is involved in more than 16 major TD-LTE field trials in China, Russia, Taiwan and elsewhere, and has commercial deals with eight TD-LTE network operators including Bharti Airtel in India, Mobily in Saudi Arabia, MTS in Russia, Sky Brazil and STC in Saudi Arabia.


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