Telecom service provider deployment of WiFi to accelerate wireless LAN market


Telecom Lead Team:
Wireless LAN (WLAN) market revenues are
forecast to reach $9.9 billion in 2016, an increase of 52 percent over 2011


offload, the 802.11ac upgrade cycle, consumer video over WiFi, as well as a
continuation of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend are the emerging trends
to drive this significant growth.


enterprise segment will reach $5.0 billion in revenues in 2016, while the SOHO
segment will be just slightly smaller, at nearly $4.6 billion.


enterprises embraced Wireless LAN technology as a means of connecting
employees’ devices such as smartphone and tablets to corporate networks, the
industry sees a significant new trend forming: the purchasing of WLAN equipment
by service providers.


Provider WLAN deployment broadens the overall market size as operators seek to
improve their customers’ experience and to offload traffic onto their new WiFi


expect to see wireline providers participate in this WiFi services market, and
see a trend developing where enterprises will outsource their network
operations to service providers,” said Chris DePuy, analyst of Wireless
LAN research at Dell’Oro Group.


Canalys announced that the total enterprise wireless LAN market, including
access points and controllers, was worth $757 million in Q2 2011, with 1.6
million units shipped.


Motorola Solutions posts 52% growth in wireless LAN market in
Q2 2011


The top five wireless LAN vendors in Q2 2011 were Cisco,
Aruba Networks, Motorola Solutions, HP Networking and Meru Networks.


All vendors reported strong growth, but Cisco remained
the leader with year-on-year shipment revenue up 35.6 percent and a slight
market share increase to 53.7 percent from 53.4 percent.


Aruba Networks, including sales through OEM partner
Alcatel-Lucent, was Cisco’s closest challenger, growing above average at 41.5
percent to capture 14.6 percent of the market.


Motorola Solutions, meanwhile, showed the strongest
growth among the top five, up 52.3 percent, thanks to its retail, transport and
leisure industry sales. Building on its 2008 acquisition of wireless LAN
specialist Colubris Networks and its 2010 purchase of 3Com, HP Networks
accounted for 7.8 percent of total shipment revenue in Q2 2011.


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