Telefonica Brasil plans R$9 billion Capex for 2023

Telefonica Brasil has reported Capex (capital expenditure) of R$2.489 billion (+6.4 percent) in Q4 and R$9.53 billion (+9.7 percent) in 2022.
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For 2023, Telefonica Brasil projects that its Capex, excluding licenses and leasing, will reach up to R$9 billion.

Telefonica Brasil said customer base totaled 112 million accesses (13.7 percent) of which 98 million were mobile accesses (+16.8 percent).

Telefonica Brasil has posted revenue of R$12.695 billion (+10.1 percent) in Q4 and R$48.041 billion (+9.1 percent) in 2022.

Telefonica Brasil’s mobile service revenue rose 13.6 percent. Postpaid revenue and prepaid revenue of Telefonica Brasil grew 13.2 percent and 15 percent, respectively, driven by the growth in the customer base, annual price readjustments and churn in historic low levels.

Telefonica Brasil’s fixed revenue rose 2.9 percent – the biggest increase since 2015 – due to a higher representativeness of Core Fixed Revenue, which represents 76.4 percent of fixed revenue.

FTTH revenue of Telefonica Brasil grew 18.8 percent as FTTH network reached 82 new cities, now present in 409 Brazilian cities, with 23.3 million homes passed and adding 3.7 million new homes connected.