Telefonica taps Nokia to build private wireless network for enterprises in Latin America

Nokia and Telefonica have joined forces to expedite the digital transformation of enterprises in Latin America.
Telefonica’s 5G network in SpainTheir collaboration aims to provide and implement Nokia’s comprehensive range of industrial-grade private wireless network and digitalization platform solutions, enabling businesses to evolve in the region.

The alliance will primarily focus on industries in Latin America, including ports, mining, energy, and manufacturing sectors across Hispanic America.

Nokia’s private wireless network solutions offer enhanced broadband connectivity with reduced latency, improved predictability, and heightened security compared to other alternatives. These solutions have been chosen by various industries as the foundational infrastructure for their digital transformation initiatives.

The benefits of LTE and 5G private wireless will enable Industry 4.0 across different sectors. We provide the best connectivity, optimize operations, enhance productivity and efficiency, and contribute to the digitalization of industrial sectors throughout Latin America,” Juan Vicente Martin, Director for B2B at Telefonica Movistar, said.

Nokia has already deployed mission-critical networks for over 2,600 enterprise customers worldwide, spanning transportation, energy, large enterprises, manufacturing, webscale companies, and the public sector. Additionally, it has expanded its reach to encompass more than 595 private wireless customers in various industrial sectors globally.

A recent survey conducted by Nokia and GlobalData, involving 79 multinational companies that have implemented Nokia’s private wireless solutions, revealed that 80 percent of respondents expected to achieve return on investment (ROI) within six months of deployment.