The fastest 4G speed and Indian cities revealed by OpenSignal

OpenSignal has revealed the fastest 4G cities in India. Navi Mumbai, near Mumbai, in Maharashtra, gets the fastest 4G connection in India.

Navi Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Bhopal, Nagpur and Chandigarh are the top 10 4G cities in terms of Internet speed.

Indian cities such as Pune, Jaipur, Ahmadabad, Ghaziabad, Surat, Kanpur, Patna, Lucknow and Allahabad are the remaining 10 cities with fastest 4G Internet.

The report said Navi Mumbai has clocked average 4G speeds of 8.72 Mbps in OpenSignal’s latest measurements, which track average 4G download speeds among 20 of India’s largest cities between December and February.

Second-placed Chennai doubled 4G speeds, jumping up from 4.4 Mbps in its last post in March 2017. Allahabad was only city to register less than 4 Mbps with average speeds of 3.5 Mbps.