TiVo to unveil TiVo Premiere Elite

TiVo announced the launch of its TiVo Premiere Elite
set-top box, offering four digital tuners and two-terabyte hard drive for
unmatched recording capabilities, as well as THX certification for optimal
sound and video fidelity.


The TiVo Premiere Elite builds upon the Series4 TiVo
Premiere platform, the first and only set-top box to seamlessly combine the
best of broadband and broadcast entertainment through one stunning HD


The TiVo Premiere Elite is intended for use with digital
cable systems only and does not work with analog cable or over-the-air


The new product is TiVo’s first and only DVR with four
tuners allowing for simultaneous recording of four different shows while
viewing a fifth recorded program. Plus, its industry-leading two-terabyte hard
drive allows for up to 300 hours of recorded HD programming, that’s two times
more recording space than current offerings.


The TiVo Premiere Elite maintains TiVo’s gold-standard,
easy to navigate user interface, integrating Web entertainment from Netflix,
Pandora, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, YouTube, and much more.


TiVo Premiere Elite seamlessly combines digital cable
programming with the best of Web entertainment, in full 1080p HD, and with 300
hours of HD recording space,” said Doug Bieter, vice president of Retail
Sales for TiVo.


“With the added distinction as a THX-certified DVR,
the TiVo Premiere Elite offers a high-end solution for premium quality
installers looking for an improved way to get the most out of a customer’s high
definition television and cable subscription,” Bieter added.


TiVo Premiere Elite’s quad-tuner design enables users to
vary their program recordings and create a library of personalized
entertainment content suitable for any viewer. This flexibility, and the
mind-bending 300 hours of HD recording space, ensures that no program has to be
deleted for the sake of space.


Further enhancing the TiVo Premiere Elite’s appeal as an
all-encompassing entertainment hub is its ability to send content to other TiVo
devices in the home, or integrate seamlessly with home automation remotes.


TiVo Premiere Elite offers MoCA as a networking option in
addition to its integrated Ethernet connectivity. By integrated MoCA support,
custom installers can use the coaxial cabling within the home to connect the
TiVo Premiere Elite to the home network in setups where an Ethernet connection
is not available to the DVR.


Home theater installers and custom integrators will also
appreciate the TiVo Premiere Elite as an exceptional solution through its
compatibility with some of the most popular home automation controllers,
including Creston, Control4, and RTI. This compatibility allows installers to
seamlessly incorporate the TiVo Premiere Elite into existing home controls.


Harnessing the power of the world’s first Smart DVR, the
TiVo Premiere Elite offers an intuitive search and browsing experience that
enables users to quickly and easily search and browse television and broadband
programming from a convenient unified screen.


When searching for a particular program, TiVo scans
across cable channels, on demand services like Netflix and Amazon Instant
Video, as well as web-based entertainment sites like YouTube to offer users an
easy way to select and schedule recordings.


The TiVo Premiere Elite is also
compatible with the TiVo Slide remote with a QWERTY keyboard as well as TiVo’s
integrated apps for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. The TiVo App brings intuitive
remote control operations to the tips of users’ fingers with simple gesture-based


By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]