Top 25 fixed broadband markets based on subscribers in 2011

Telecom Lead Team:
ITU has recently released top 25 fixed broadband
markets based on subscribers in early 2011. India, world’s second largest
mobile market, does not have a place in the top list.


Netherlands with 38.1 (Active mobile broadband subscriptions per 100
inhabitants) is on top of the ranking. Switzerland 37.9 and Denmark 37.7 are in the second and third positions. Most of the
developed economies are part of the list.


(Please see the list of top 25 fixed broadband markets based on
subscribers in 2011 at the end of the article)


ITU said over
the last five years, developing countries have increased their share of the
world’s total number of Internet users from 44 percent in 2006, to 62 percent
in 2011. Today, Internet users in China represent almost 25 percent of the
world’s total Internet users and 37 percent of the developing countries’
Internet users.


Younger people tend to be more online than older people, in both
developed and developing countries. In developing countries, 30 percent of
those under the age of 25 use the Internet, compared to 23 percent of those 25
years and older. At the same time, 70 percent of the under 25-yearolds (a total
of 1.9 billion) are not online.


10 telecom markets based on broadband subscribers in the world


According to Broadband Forum, Asia continues to dominate
with over 10.3 million more subscriber lines added in Q3 2011, higher than in
Q2 and the same quarter in 2010. With over 246 million lines in total, Asia now
has 42.34 percent of the total market share in broadband.


With a rise of almost 1.5 percent in the year, the
proportion of broadband subscribers in Asia continues to increase. Results from
other regions were more muted, although both Europe and the Middle East &
Africa returned better numbers compared to the same period in 2011.  The
Americas also performed better in Q3 than Q2, with overall net additions in
subscriber lines rising by 309,518.

broadband subscribers grow 13% to 581 million in Q3 2011


broadband and IPTV figures published by the Broadband Forum show a significant
surge in growth in Q3 2011, with more new subscribers added in the quarter than
at any time since early 2009.
figures also point to the growing importance of fiber as FTTH and hybrid FTTx
deployments increase. Overall broadband growth during the quarter,
according to figures prepared for the Broadband Forum by Point
Topic, is estimated at 17.4 million lines, bringing the global total to
581.3 million, a quarterly increase of 3.08 percent, and an annual growth rate
of 12.89 percent.

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