Top 5 broadband technologies and their market share in the world

By Telecom Lead Team: FTTx is now gaining ground on more traditional
technologies in Q3 2011. FTTx technology has a market share of 13.5 percent.

DSL continues to be the most dominant technology, adding
more lines than any other in Q3. DSL has a market share of 61.5 percent,
according to a report from Broadband Forum.

However, in percentage terms both FTTH and FTTx/hybrid
technologies showed the largest growth with over 8 percent overall, compared to
2.2 percent for cable modems and 2 percent for DSL.

FTTx added just under 19 million lines in Q3 2011. This
is more than double the number in the same period last year and it continues to
accelerate. This means that market share for fiber technologies – now at 16
percent – is fast catching up with cable’s 19.5 percent.

Hybrid FTTx will be where the action is over the next few
years. Consumers are showing signs of being ready to pay for faster connections
and the hybrid solution set is a cost effective way of getting relatively high
speeds to them.

Overall broadband growth during the quarter, according to
figures prepared for the Broadband Forum by Point Topic,
is estimated at 17.4 million lines, bringing the global total to 581.3 million,
a quarterly increase of 3.08 percent – and an annual growth rate of 12.89

Top 5 broadband technologies and their market share (in

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