Transition Networks showcases 3 new products


Transition Networks, a wholly owned subsidiary of
Communications Systems, announced that it is showcasing three of its advanced
products for the first time in Europe at the Broadband World Forum in Paris.


The 10 Gigabit Ethernet fiber-to-fiber media converter,
the S3240 Network Interface Device (NID) and the PacketBand-TDM-4/3MC TDM-over
packet device are among the highlights of one of Transition Networks’ most
comprehensive trade fair exhibits to date. The extended portfolio on display is
a reflection of the company’s commitment to expanding its European operations.



10 Gigabit technology supports multiple standards, such as varied transmission
distances on different types of fiber. With Transition’s 10 Gigabit media
converter, users can select the fiber module needed to support their specific
transmission distance requirements.


Built for fiber extension over maximum transmission
distances (80km/49.7miles), the 10 Gigabit media converter can also be used to
interface between different types of fiber that may already be installed or
available at a user’s location.

The S3240 NID is specifically designed to help telecoms and cable providers
generate and preserve increased revenues when delivering intelligent Ethernet
services. With the growing demand for Ethernet services, the new S3240 enables
service providers to offer tiered services with end-to-end Service Level
Agreements (SLAs), while increasing customer satisfaction and keeping capital
xpenses (CapEx) to a minimum.


The PacketBand-TDM-4 (TDM-4) device facilitates the
transportation of legacy TDM traffic over IP and other packet networks. It
delivers clock-locked clear channel or structured E1/T1 circuits over Ethernet,
IP or MPLS networks, supports up to four E1/T1s, and can be used in pairs or
with other members of the PacketBand range.


The 3-port unit (PacketBand-TDM-3MC) supports multicast
and applications in larger networks where clocking is critical.  It also
has application in some vertical markets such as broadcasting. The PacketBand
devices address difficult technical challenges, such as the provision of
highly-accurate clocking and synchronization, necessary for applications such
as mobile backhaul delivery via packet networks.



“The devices we are debuting at the Broadband World Forum address the
needs of the growing number of European service providers building, expanding
or migrating to next generation Ethernet or packet networks. Our comprehensive
product portfolio is now being targeted at the telecom, cable and enterprise service provider market sectors across the region,”
said Dirk Steinkampf, director of EMEA Sales and Operations.


Transition Networks recently announced
jointly with EATEL, an independent Telco located in south Louisiana, that its
latest Network Interface Devices (NIDs) are now fully operational at some of
the first commercial 4G mobile cell towers in Louisiana.


Unlike circuit-based 2G/3G mobile switching centers that
transport voice and data on two separate networks, 4G is able to send both
voice and data together over one IP network. This convergence allows for a
reduction in management and operation costs for the carrier while providing
bandwidth speed improvements to consumers.


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