Video IP Deployments Are Growing

Imagination Technologies, a multimedia and communications technologies company, announced that its partners shipped 150 million devices incorporating its video SoC IP cores out of over 500 million devices which have shipped incorporating Imagination’s IP, many of these containing multiple IP cores from Imagination.
The growth in devices using Imagination’s video technologies is indicative of the momentum which continues to build in the mobile and embedded market for new HD video technologies to enable internet video delivery, video telephony, and the user generated content revolution.
Imagination’s POWERVR VXD video decoders and POWERVR VXE video encoders deliver multi-stream, multi-standard, HD decode and/or encode, supporting all major video standards.
All VXD and VXE cores support all the major video standards including H.264 (Base to High profile), MPEG4, MPEG2, VC-1/WMV, AVS, Sorenson and JPEG. Many VXD cores now also offer hardware rotation and scaling, delivering significant reductions in bandwidth and power consumption. When combined with SGX cores, scaling can also be done by the SGX core, making the combination of VXD, VXE and SGX extremely powerful for a wide range of multimedia applications.
Mobile HD video must deliver high quality multi-stream multi-standard capabilities for both decode and encode functions; only innovative low power yet high performance video accelerators can make this viable in a mobile environment. Imagination expects its video IPs to become key features in mobile and embedded devices as the revolution in commercial video content delivery, social networking, user generated content, multi-stream preview and video telephony continues to accelerate.
The pace of change in this market is accelerating, driven by consumer excitement for video content that is un-tethered from the TV and the convergence of video cameras into other mobile devices. Imagination is at the forefront of video technology for the mobile and embedded market”,  said Tony King-Smith, VP marketing, Imagination.

These high volume shipments are an indicator of how our high-quality but low-power video technologies are establishing themselves as the video technologies of choice amongst some of the world’s most demanding electronics companies, often in conjunction with other IPs from Imagination”,  King-Smith added.
Imagination’s video technologies are delivered as optimised platform IP solutions for key markets. Imagination’s recent acquisition of HelloSoft provides access to leading edge V.VoIP (Video & Voice over IP) technology and combining HelloSoft’s technology and Imagination’s multimedia cores and processor will offer an optimised end-to-end solution for video-over-internet protocol delivery, which is becoming important to all connected devices.


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