Vodafone to create 4G network on Moon with Nokia

Vodafone 4G coverage
Telecom operator Vodafone today said it will create a 4G network on Moon with equipment maker partner Nokia.

Vodafone Germany has appointed Nokia as the technology partner to develop space-grade light network.

Vodafone’s 4G network will live-stream HD video from the Moon’s surface to a global audience.

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Vodafone plans to create the first 4G network coverage on the Moon next year to support a mission by PTScientists in 2019.

PTScientists, Berlin-based company, is working with Vodafone and Audi to achieve the first privately-funded Moon landing.

Vodafone’s network engineers will set up the 4G network, connecting two Audi lunar quattro rovers to a base station in the Autonomous Landing and Navigation Module (ALINA).

Audi lunar quattro rovers will use 4G network to communicate and transfer scientific data and HD video while they approach and study NASA’s Apollo 17 lunar roving vehicle that was used by the last astronauts to walk on the Moon in December 1972.

The base station will broadcast 4G using the 1800 MHz frequency band and send back the live HD video feed of the Moon’s surface in order to broadcast to a global audience via a deep space link that interconnects with the PTScientists server in the Mission Control Centre in Berlin.

Hannes Ametsreiter, Vodafone Germany CEO, said this project involves a radically innovative approach to the development of mobile network infrastructure.”