Vodafone Group revenue slips 4.5%, adds 53 mn 4G users

Vodafone LTE network
Vodafone Group revenue reached €13.4 billion (–4.5 percent), while service revenue was €12.3 billion in June quarter of 2016.

Total revenue declined 4.5 percent, including a 5.3 percentage point negative impact from foreign exchange rate movements.

Vodafone Europe operations generated €8,715 million (–3.2 percent) revenue against €9,005 million. Vodafone’s AMAP business generated €4,365 million (–6.2 percent) as compared with €4,655 million.

Vodafone 4G

Vodafone added 5.7 million 4G customers in the June quarter across the 21 countries where it offers 4G services. With the addition of 5.7 million, Vodafone doubled 4G customers to end the quarter at 52.5 million. For comparison, China Mobile is targeting to achieve 500 million 4G subscribers in 2016.

Growth in data volumes fell to 63 percent in Q1 from 67 percent in Q4.

Vodafone noted that only 30 percent of its European customers are taking a 4G service. Users who move to 4G buy bigger data packages and see their data consumption double. Average data usage per smartphone customer in Europe rose 57 percent to 1.3GB per month. Over half of the data traffic in Europe is now on 4G.

Vodafone broadband

Vodafone added 348,000 broadband (+32 percent). It has 13.7 million broadband customers in total. In Europe, it added 254,000 new broadband customers. Vodafone markets high speed broadband services to 74.4 million households across Europe.

Vodafone enterprise

Enterprise revenues grew 2.6 percent in the quarter.

Vodafone said its enterprise services to business customers comprised 27.8 percent of Group service revenue. Its relationships with business customers are expanding from traditional mobile voice and data services to embrace total communications, IoT, Cloud & Hosting and IP-VPN provision.

Vodafone said IoT connections increased 38.6 percent to 41.3 million, with revenue growing 20.1 percent.