Zain tests 4.5G mobile broadband, reaching 1 Gbps speed 

Zain Baharin image
Telecom network operator Zain has tested 4.5G mobile technology, reaching broadband speed of 1 Gbps.

Chinese telecom equipment maker Huawei has supported Zain for testing 4.5G broadband. 4.5G mobile broadband technology promises faster speeds, lower latency and better functionality than the best 4G technologies currently available.

“With the implantation of further tests in the near future, we will be better prepared to launch the 4.5G technology commercially within the next three years as soon as compatible devices are available in the market,” said Zain Kuwait CEO Eaman Al Roudhan.

4.5G standard represents a bridge between 4G mobile services and 5G connectivity, which is expected to be commercialized by 2020.

Zain is planning to provide new services powered by 4.5G technology, including voice over LTE (VoLTE) and Narrow band IoT machine-to-machine applications.

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