Zenga TV to launch new unique and engaging video service soon

Zenga TV, a mobile TV services in India, has
been awarded the Skoch Digital Inclusion Award and has ranked as one of the top
100 companies for making the best use of the technology. The CEO of Zenga TV,
Shabir Momiin, shares his insights on the same and plans to come up with
international and regional expansion.

Zenga TV received the Skoch Digital Inclusion
Award recently. What is the key strength that brought the recognition to Zenga

Our unique and better technology has the
capability to deliver live streaming on 2.5 G network and above and great user

What are your marketing strategies for Indian
telecom market?

We do not promote and we have had adoption
purely on word of mouth and people are our brand ambassadors. We have been
working directly with customers and not through operators as the service is
mostly free. We also engage more users because of our unique content packaging
and excusive contents like Colors and MTV.

At the moment 3G seems to be inept for
contemporary data traffic, so what challenges are you facing?

We are the only company which can do
real-time streaming on 2.5G network also where the data costs are much lower
and higher adaption happens. As 3G is not established properly and the handset
support for 3G is also not there as yet on most of the phones in the market, we
are compatible to more number of phones because of our low bitrate streaming

What are your expansion plans? What
innovations are you planning with Zenga TV?

We are a global service and uptake is
happening from all over the world. We are adding more regional as wells
international content now to give more choice to users. Our R&D team is
continuously evolving the technology and as we are not dependent on third
parties we innovate faster. We will soon be launching a new Video service which
will be unique and engaging.

We are already a global service and have
users from all over the world and they watch content based on the rights of the
content available with us for different regions.

After mobile TV, what are the new services in
the pipeline?

We will have to wait and watch for the new
service we are going to launch soon. it is going to be very engaging and unique
in the video space.

What are your investment plans?

No plans as yet, happy with self funding and
growing. We are operationally positive and may be look at a funding at a later

By Rashi Varshney

[email protected]