ZTE aids China Mobile for deploying 3-Carrier Aggregation LTE-Advanced

ZTE today said it supported China Mobile for deploying 3-Carrier Aggregation 4G LTE-A (LTE-Advanced) service.

Mobile subscribers with CAT 9 devices powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor with X10 LTE can benefit from downlink data rates of over 300Mbps, more than triple the speeds of existing TD-LTE networks.
China Mobile
ZTE in a statement said that it supported the upgrade of China Mobile’s network without a major overhaul of telecom infrastructure and software, testament to ZTE’s flexible and efficient software defined radio (SDR) platform.

LTE-A offers 1 Gbps data rates on downlink and 500 Mbps for uplink. LTE-A carrier aggregation multiplies network transmission speed, by combining 2 or 3 continuous or non-continuous carrier bands at present.

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