ZTE HSUPA data transfer rate during trial reaches 15.2Mbps

Telecom Lead Asia: ZTE has carried out a single-cell
HSUPA data rate improvement test in Shenzhen, China. HSUPA data transfer rate
during the trial reached 15.2Mbps out of a total possible 16Mbps, breaking the
previous record of 12Mbps.  

During its test, ZTE employed a HSUPA capacity improvement
solution that includes interference cancellation technology, multi-antenna
independent scheduling technology, and four antennae receiving technology.
These elements increased the HSUPA data rate by four times without a need to
upgrade the terminals. The test shows that operators can use the ZTE solution
to reduce capacity bottlenecking.

Social networking and multi-media services have enabled
more users to upload content onto networks, creating issues for operators. We
are particularly pleased with the outcome of this test as it shows uplink data
rates can be improved by 50 per cent and that ZTE technology can alleviate
bottlenecking issues,” said Pu Yingchun, ZTE GU product general manager.

ZTE claims that the Chinese telecom equipment maker invests
10 per cent of its income in R&D. The company has invested more than RMB 2
billion over the past three years. In 2012, ZTE attained the world’s top rank
in terms of international PCT applications with 2,826. As of the end of
December 2011, ZTE has signed 30 LTE commercial contracts and has deployed LTE
trial networks for over 100 operators.

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