ZTE powers CSL’s 300Mbps-ready 4G network demo in Hong Kong

ZTE has assisted CSL for the demonstration of Hong Kong’s first 300Mbps-ready 4G network.

CSL has deployed ZTE’s carrier aggregation (CA) technology for the demonstration.

ZTE’s capabilities in CA and LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) solutions help CSL to leverage its radio spectrum.

CSL is the only mobile operator in Hong Kong equipped with a pair of 20MHz spectrum in the 1800MHz and 2600MHz frequency bands for 4G services.

“LTE-A is the next step in the evolution of 4G LTE network service for CSL and our customers, one that allows us to optimise our spectrum advantage. We’re very happy to receive the support from ZTE in enabling us to demonstrate this latest technology first in the Hong Kong,” said Phil Mottram, chief executive officer of CSL.

Phil-Mottram CSL

CA effectively addresses signal interference between neighboring cells that share the same band to improve the performance of LTE networks. By achieving load balancing between the master and the slave cells to increase network capacity, CA enables operators to provide consumers with higher networks speeds and a richer and more diversified mobile user experience.

Operators in the Asia Pacific region including SK Telecom have started deploying CA technology to offer trial and commercial networks. By combining a pair of 10MHz spectrum in the 800MHz and 1800MHz bands, SK Telecom’s network is capable of supporting peak transmission rates of 150Mbps.

In June, CSL and ZTE completed a demonstration of high-definition voice over LTE network, capable of delivering better voice services.

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