ZTE to support TD-LTE 4G experience centre and test lab in Malaysia

4G technologies are getting a boost from the establishment of Southeast Asia’s
first 4G LTE TDD Technology Experience Centre and Test Lab in Kuala Lumpur,

This breakthrough is the result of collaboration between Packet One Networks
(Malaysia),  P1’s consulting arm Packet One International, and ZTE. The
project also is supported by China Mobile Communications Research

The 4G Experience Centre and Test Lab will be established in early 2012 at P1’s
headquarters, also known as Packet Hub. Operators and vendors who want a taste
of blazing wireless speeds of 120 Mbps and beyond will be welcome to utilize
the facility.

Malaysia is the choice location for the set-up because P1 is based in Kuala
Lumpur and has been operating one of the world’s largest WiMAX networks over
the past 3 years. P1 also is far along in its preparations to progress from
WiMAX to a dual WiMAX/LTE TDD network.

“The impact of 4G technology on our lives will be phenomenal,” said P1 CEO
Michael Lai.

“P1’s customers utilize an average of 17.5GB of data per month, an increase of
two-and-a-half times the amount of data utilization since our commercial launch
in 2008. What’s even more mind-boggling is that data utilization is growing by
the day with the proliferation of high-definition screens and nifty handheld
devices,” Lai added.

Telecoms operators have no choice but to be ready for a great paradigm shift
from voice to data business models. P1 is ready for this and therefore set up
the 4G Experience Centre and Test Lab with the aim of fast-tracking 4G LTE TDD
technology deployment in the region.

In the last three years since P1’s commercial deployment, its headquarters has
hosted more than 70 telecom operators and vendors from 60 countries and
demonstrated how an advanced wireless broadband network is being deployed and
managed. P1i’s role is to assist aspiring 4G operators to a smoother adoption
of this cutting edge technology.    

“As the leader in LTE TDD technology and one of the major LTE TDD solutions
providers, ZTE is excited and proud to be part of this collaboration. We have
established a strong partnership with P1 in last two years. The 4G Experience
Centre and Test Lab will allow us to move this partnership to a higher level.
The Centre will promote migration toward LTE TDD technology and demonstrate the
value of this transition,” said Wang Shouchen, president of the ZTE LTE TDD
product line.

LTE TDD is flexible in terms of resource and spectrum configuration. Therefore,
it is more suited to better meet the demand of mobile data traffic. LTE TDD
benefits from global roaming and scale created by the convergence of LTE TDD
and FDD.

The commercialization of LTE TDD has taken off in 2011, with early adopters
including incumbent mobile operators, greenfield operators, and WiMAX
operators. The 4G LTE TDD Experience Centre and Test Lab will provide a base
for testing and investigating interoperability among LTE TDD, LTE FDD and WiMAX.

“It will promote the LTE deployment and WiMAX transition in Asia and
Africa and build a global success,” said Huang Yuhong, deputy general manager
of China Mobile Research Institute.

The Centre will initially utilize P1’s 2.6GHz spectrum for LTE TDD technology
showcases and interoperability testing of the latest 4G devices. By the end of
first half 2012, the network will also utilize P1’s 2.3GHz spectrum.

By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]