Vodafone Germany mobile network

How Vodafone gained from TM Forum Open APIs

A TM Forum case study revealed that Vodafone has achieved significant gains from the deployment of a single, autonomous cloud architecture and massive automation,...
AT&T 5G network expansion

Operators spent $140 bn for buying 5G spectrum: GSA

515 mobile operators are investing in 5G worldwide, while 243 commercial 5G networks launched, GSA’s infographic on the 5G industry shows. In Americas, 148 mobile...
Proximus fiber business

Proximus reveals bold2025 strategy indicating cut in Capex

Proximus Group announced its bold2025 strategy indicating significant cut in Capex in fiber deployment and IT-related spending. The bold2025 growth strategy announced by Proximus has 6 connected...
Reliance Jio 5G plan in India

Jio 5G coverage reaches 75 cities in India

Reliance Jio, the #1 telecom service provider in India, has revealed that its Jio True 5G has reached 85 cities as on Jan 9,...
T-Mobile The Un-Carrier

T-Mobile US reveals record customer additions

T-Mobile US said it added record high postpaid account additions of 1.4 million during 2022 and 314,000 in Q4 2022. T-Mobile US, while revealing the...
Rogers 5G network in Canada

Rogers’ C$20 bn deal to buy Shaw faces stay order

A Federal Court has put a stay on the C$20 billion merger between Shaw Communications and Rogers Communications following a request from Canada’s Competition...
Globe Telecom 5G network

Globe doubles 5G network coverage, reaches 70 cities, towns

Globe Telecom has more than doubled its 5G coverage to allow customers across the Philippines to enjoy faster mobile and broadband speeds in key...
Kazakhstan mobile network

6 GHz spectrum vital for super-fast 5G speed: COAI

It is critical to identify 6 GHz band for international mobile telecommunications (IMT) services, to aid long-term network planning and help the National Broadband...
Reliance Jio 5G plan in India

Reliance Jio expands True 5G services across cities

Reliance Jio, the #1 telecom operator in India, announced the largest multi-state launch of its True 5G services across 11 cities in India. The cities...
A1 Austria Telekom

A1 Telekom achieves 2 Gbps data with 5G 3CC CA technology

A1 Austria has conducted 3 Component Carrier Aggregation (3CC CA) in a 5G Standalone (SA) trial network in Austria – reaching data rates of 2...
5G deployment status in 2022

Number of 5G connections to surpass 1.1 bn: Omdia

The number of 5G wireless connections globally is expected to surpass 1.1 billion by the end of 2022 from 922 million in Q3 2022,...
Intel Xeon processor

Intel provides key technologies supporting Verizon’s vRAN network expansion

Verizon has extended its network virtualization efforts with the addition of the first Ericsson virtualized cell site (Ericsson Cloud RAN), with support from Intel...
5G coverage T-Mobile vs Verizon

T-Mobile 5G coverage and capacity vs Verizon

T-Mobile has expanded 5G coverage and capacity, reaching 323 million people with Extended Range 5G and 260 million people with Ultra Capacity 5G. T-Mobile is...
Globe Telecom 5G network

Globe Telecom to lower Capex by 30% to $1.3 bn

Globe Telecom, a leading mobile service provider in the Philippines, has decided to lower its Capex by 30 percent to $1.3 billion for 2023...
India 5G speed analysis Opensignal

India 5G starts enhancing smartphone users’ experience: Opensignal

Opensignal said in its analysis that 5G enhanced smartphone users’ mobile experience in India -- in terms of download and upload speeds, as well...
Airtel Africa Internet

Airtel only bidder in Nigeria’s second 5G licensing round

Airtel Africa has emerged as the sole bidder for a 5G spectrum license in Nigeria’s second round of licensing after another company failed to pay...



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