5G download speed in main cities in Asia Pacific: Opensignal

The latest report from Opensignal has revealed 5G download speed in 11 of the largest cities in the Asia Pacific region.
5G download speed in main cities in Asia PacificAverage 5G download speed touched 453.1 Mbps in Sydney, 376.6 Mbps in Kuala Lumpur, 280.7 Mbps in Auckland, 266.3 Mbps in Singapore, 264.7 Mbps in Taipei, 212.4 Mbps in Sydney, 163 Mbps in Tokyo, 150.7 Mbps in Manila metro, 137 Mbps in Hong Kong, 131.4 Mbps in Bangkok and 65.5 Mbps in Jakarta, according to Opensignal.

The average 5G upload speed touched 40.6 Mbps in Sydney, 52.8 Mbps in Kuala Lumpur, 27.9 Mbps in Auckland, 24.3 Mbps in Singapore, 39.1 Mbps in Taipei, 17.3 Mbps in Sydney, 11.9 Mbps in Tokyo, 14.4 Mbps in Manila metro, 26 Mbps in Hong Kong, 25.5 Mbps in Bangkok and 19.7 Mbps in Jakarta, according to Opensignal.

Kuala Lumpur tops the table because of the specific market situation with 5G in Malaysia. Many of the country’s operators are not yet using Malaysia’s national wholesale 5G network — Digital Nasional Berhad (DNB). The main operator that is using DNB only launched relatively recently.

In Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur’s inhabitants saw a huge difference in their average download speeds when they connect to 5G instead of 4G. 5G Download Speed in Kuala Lumpur is 19 times higher than its 4G Download Speed.

Manila has a 5G Download Speed that was 7.3 times faster than its 4G upload speeds.