5G Spectrum to Boost India’s GDP by $27 bn by 2030: GSMA Report

The widespread availability of spectrum for 5G is projected to contribute approximately $27 billion to India’s gross domestic product (GDP) by 2030, according to a report released by the GSMA on Tuesday.

India spectrum auction to help smartphone users

The GSMA, an organization representing mobile networks worldwide, emphasized the importance of including the upper 6 GHz band in India’s spectrum roadmap.

Luciana Camargos, Head of Spectrum for the GSMA, highlighted the global recognition of India’s 5G momentum.

“For India’s 5G growth to continue and for the full realization of the Indian government’s digital ambitions, a clear roadmap to deliver spectrum for the increasing mobile demand is essential,” Camargos stated.

“The upper 6 GHz band must be part of that roadmap, and bringing it into commercial use will require close collaboration between the government and the mobile industry.”

India is one of the fastest-growing markets for 5G globally. Since the launch of 5G services by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in October 2022, users in India have been consuming nearly 3.6 times more mobile data traffic compared to 4G.

The 5G device ecosystem in India is rapidly evolving, with about 17 percent of active 4G devices, totaling 134 million out of 796 million, now being 5G capable, according to the ‘Nokia Mobile Broadband Index’ report.

The introduction of 5G has emerged as a significant catalyst for the growth in data usage in the country.