5G test by Turkcell and Ericsson achieve 24.7 Gbps speed

Turkcell 5G speed test with EricssonTurkcell and Ericsson completed 5G test, achieving download speeds of 24.7 Gbps on the 15 GHz spectrum — at Turkcell’s Kucukyali Plaza in Istanbul.

“Turkcell continue to work to build 4.5G network, this trial also makes us one of the first companies in the world to test 5G technologies,” said Gediz Sezgin, senior vice president of Network Technologies.

By 2020 there will be an average of 500 sensors in each home and that the number of smart devices connected to each other around the world will exceed 25 billion. 5G networks are expected to be among the most important technologies in delivering the high capacities required in such a world.

5G, thanks to its Network Slicing feature, allows networks to allocate capacity and speed according to the different requirements of each home or even of individual rooms. Telecom operators can allocate higher bandwidth to a living room to allow users to stream 4K television shows over the internet, while the kitchen can get smaller bandwidth capacity to operate a kettle.

High broadband speed on 5G network will allow mobile users to transfer 100 GB file in around in 30 seconds at 25Gbps in future against 30 minutes at 500Mbps on a 4.5G network.

Turkcell will also manage 5G field tests to be carried out globally by NGMN in 2017 and 2018.