Agilent, China Mobile announce 5G partnership

Test and measurement (T&M) vendor Agilent Technologies will provide test and measurement solutions for 5G wireless communication systems to China Mobile Communications Research Institute (CMRI).

As per a memorandum of understanding signed today in Beijing, Agilent will support the research and development programs on 5G, led by CMRI.

5G networks are expected to go live by 2020.

CMRI will focus on the major technical aspects of 5G, including large-scale antenna systems (LSAS), full-duplex radio, energy efficiency and spectral efficiency co-design, and new signaling/control mechanisms to achieve the main theme of green and soft.

“With the strong support from Agilent in providing us with the latest measurement instruments and superb professional knowledge, CMRI will be able to establish the much needed hardware prototype platform for next-generation greener and softer wireless communication systems,” said Chih-Lin I, chief scientist of CMRI.

Agilent, which has a range of test and measurement solutions that support 5G research, will work with CMRI team to develop test solutions for the new testing needs, including simulation and measurement solutions for large-scale antenna systems, channel measurement and modeling, and signal validation for the new PHY layer design.