America’s FCC proposes rules for 5G spectrum

5G network
The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has proposed new rules for wireless broadband in wireless spectrum above 24 GHz – targeting 5G leadership.

The commercial launch 5G network is expected in 2020. Earlier, UK telecom regulator Ofcom has also started talking about 5G mobile technologies. Indian telecom regulator TRAI is still silent about 5G spectrum. FCC said it is taking steps to unlock the mobile broadband and unlicensed potential of spectrum above 24 GHz.

This NPRM proposes to create new flexible use service rules in the 28 GHz, 37 GHz, 39 GHz, and 64-71 GHz bands. The NPRM proposes to make these bands available using a variety of authorization schemes, including traditional wide area licensing, unlicensed, and a shared approach that provides access for both local area and wide area networks.

In addition, the NPRM provides a path for a variety of platforms and uses, including satellite uses, to coexist and expand through market-based mechanisms. The NPRM seeks extensive comment on the service, licensing, and technical rules for facilitating flexible use in these bands. The NPRM seeks comment on other bands above 24 GHz that may be considered in the future.

The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) CEO Scott Belcher said: “Enabling broadband in higher bands of spectrum will allow emerging technologies to develop further, including the promise of next-generation 5G networks.”

“However, efforts to open additional lower-band spectrum will also be required to enable the potential of 5G and the Internet of Things,” Belcher said.

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