ANTEL deploys 5G network in in Uruguay with Nokia

ANTEL, a telecom operator in Uruguay, has completed the installation of the 5G commercial network in Latin America.
ANTEL 5G network in in UruguayTelecom engineers at ANTEL deployed 5G base stations supplied by Nokia in the Barra de Manantiales area, Maldonado Department/

ANTEL showed the ultra-low latencies and high speeds of 5G to local authorities during the launch event on April 10, using a virtual-reality sports application called “penalty kick”. This is the first 5G mobile network in Latin America.

Nokia has supported ANTEL for the full commercial deployment of the 5G radio network in Uruguay, said Andres Tolosa, president of ANTEL.

Osvaldo Di Campli, head of Latin America for Nokia, said: “5G is an exciting opportunity for growth and to introduce new services and we are pleased to work with ANTEL on their 5G commercial deployment.”