ARK Mediacom conducts broadcast 5G demo

ARK Mediacom has demonstrated the delivery of IP streaming video content in collaboration with technology partners.
ARK and 5G streaming
This test demonstrates how ARK broadcast 5G will deliver OTT to the edge. Intelsat provided the satellite IP transmission. DigiCAP also participated by simultaneously streaming four discrete video streams over WiFi to a TV, laptop, tablet and smart phone.

Hitachi Comark served as system integrator along with technologists from 13 companies and 3 continents.

The testing utilized the next generation ATSC 3.0 broadcast standard from studio origination to the consumer edge. “This is an important benchmark in proving the ability to deliver IP video streaming services nationwide over the ARK broadcast network,” ARK CEO Vern Fotheringham said.

The most exciting thing about broadcast 5G is the ability to simulcast content across a nationwide IP multicast network that enables virtually unlimited OTT video and IP data delivery directly to consumers. This is a contrast to the existing fixed and mobile carrier’s reliance on unicast one-to-one connection-based solutions.

ARK, a US-based broadcasting company, will reduce the cost per GB delivery of OTT video content, software downloads and streamed IP media by two-three orders of magnitude compared to existing ISPs.

ARK said media content creators and distributors will benefit from ARK’s direct delivery to the mobile and fixed devices of their audiences bypassing all of the existing gatekeepers.