AT&T to set up 5G innovation zone for manufacturing

AT&T will set up a 5G Innovation Zone in Austin, Texas, targeting manufacturing sector – in association with Samsung Electronics and Samsung Austin Semiconductor (SAS).
AT&T IoT technology platform
The 5G testbed — within Samsung Austin Semiconductor’s semiconductor fabrication facility — will provide details of how 5G can impact manufacturing and provide insight into the future of a Smart Factory. The 5G Innovation Zone will feature AT&T’s 5G wireless technology and Samsung’s 5G network equipments.

5G use cases for manufacturing

# 4K video as a sensor with analytics to improve plant security and detection response

# Industrial IoT sensors that monitor for environmental and equipment conditions, like vibration, temperature and speed

# Location services to improve safety

“We’ll be testing the real-world impact 5G will have on the manufacturing industry,” said Mo Katibeh, chief marketing officer, AT&T Business.

“This collaboration with Samsung Electronics America and AT&T will help us test how a 5G network can improve mobility, performance and efficiencies within our plant,” Sang-Pil Sim, president, Samsung Austin Semiconductor, said.

“We’re hard at work deploying our commercial mobile 5G network for people and businesses in parts of a dozen cities by the end of this year,” said Igal Elbaz, senior vice president, Wireless Technology, AT&T Communications.

“We’re expanding upon our recent commercial networks agreements with AT&T to bring 5G technologies to the forefront of industry, and advance use cases to accelerate new market opportunities,” Wilf Norrlinger, vice president, Networks Division, Samsung Electronics America, said.