Bouygues Telecom plans 5G trial in France with Huawei

Huawei booth in MWC 2018Bouygues Telecom will conduct a joint innovation program to experiment 5G in France – in association with Huawei.

Bouygues Telecom is part of the first operators worldwide to experiment 5G 3GPP in field with Huawei. Bordeaux will be the first city for a 5G network trial, from single site to multi-site coverage. This first 5G trial in Bordeaux marks a key milestone for the expansion of 5G network in France.

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Bouygues Telecom aims to provide high capacities for data services, improving wireless user experience and maintaining a leading position in telecom network.

Bouygues Telecom and Huawei worked together to launch 4G network. In 2014, Bouygues Telecom and Huawei jointly tested the first 4G commercial network reaching 1.1Gbps in Western Europe using 4 Carrier Aggregation Technology.

“Bouygues Telecom aims to provide ultimate customer experience. It is our mission to quickly and smoothly evaluate 5G technologies,” Jean-Paul Arzel, VP Networks for Bouygues Telecom, said.