BT reveals its 5G subscriber base and Capex in Dec quarter

BT said its capital expenditure rose 5 percent to £3.030 billion, primarily driven by increased fixed and mobile network investment.
BT headquarter London
“We have demonstrated improvement in our operational performance, including acceleration of FTTP and 5G take-up, and customer satisfaction metrics,” BT CEO Philip Jansen said.

Openreach’s FTTP network reaches 4.1 million premises, built at an average run rate of 42k premises passed per week in the quarter. BT is on track to achieve 4.5 million by March 2021. Openreach’s first copper stop-sell is live in Salisbury, extending to 2.2 million premises by January 2022.

Openreach’s major communications provider customers are now selling FTTP with strong increase in sales in Q3; Openreach achieved record 17k FTTP orders per week.

5G is available in 125 locations and 5G ready customer base has reached over 2.1 million. EE has taken top spot in Rootmetrics’ latest national results for the 15th consecutive time with 5G in more places than any other network according to Rootmetrics.

Consumer fixed ARPC down 5.8 percent due to commitments to meet our fairness agenda, investment in long term strategic base and declining voice usage; postpaid mobile ARPC down 6.9 percent due to increased SIM-only mix, decline in roaming and out of bundle revenue

BT revenue fell 7 percent to £16.058 billion, due primarily to the impact of Covid-19 on Consumer and enterprise units, legacy product declines and divestments of domestic businesses in Spain, Latin America and France.