Canada postpones 5G spectrum auction to next year

Canada has decided to postpone its 3500MHz spectrum auction process by six months, the innovation ministry said in a statement on Friday.
Canada Minister Navdeep BainsThe 5G spectrum auction will now be held on June 15, 2021, because Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains wanted to allow the telecommunications industry to maintain its focus on providing essential services to Canadians during the COVID-19 pandemic, the statement said.

The auction was initially scheduled to be held in December. Navdeep Bains said Canadian government will begin the consultation period in August for the 3800MHz band, also key for 5G networks.

Canada, which is reviewing security implications of 5G networks, has yet to decide on allowing China-based Huawei Technologies to provide equipment for them.

Bell Canada, Telus and Rogers did not select Huawei for their planned 5G network build out.

Bell Canada, the second-largest mobile operator based on wireless revenue, has selected with Ericsson for its core 5G network.

Bell Canada earlier selected Nokia to provide other parts of its 5G tech.

Telus picked Ericsson and Nokia as its equipment suppliers.

Rogers Communications, the other dominant telecoms operator, has already partnered with Ericsson.