Casa Systems and UScellular Partner to Expand High-Speed Internet Access

Casa Systems and UScellular have joined forces to accelerate the expansion of high-speed broadband internet access for homes and businesses in the United States.
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UScellular, the fourth-largest full-service wireless carrier in the country with nearly five million customers, has selected Casa Systems’ new AurusLINK Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) outdoor device, branded as the ‘UScellular Outdoor Receiver,’ to provide a superior broadband internet solution.

UScellular’s Home Internet customer base has seen significant growth, doubling over the past 18 months and reaching a milestone of 100,000 customers. With plans to further expand its Home Internet service, the selection of Casa Systems’ AurusLINK is a strategic move to capture a broader market in urban, suburban, and rural areas. The compact, self-install outdoor design of AurusLINK ensures a quick and reliable connection to the 5G network, eliminating common issues associated with signal strength and slower speeds.

Steve Collins, Senior Vice President of Access Devices at Casa Systems, commented on the partnership, stating, “UScellular is an innovative wireless operator that selected the AurusLINK as a complete, self-install solution to fuel the expansion of its Home Internet service to more customers. UScellular’s customers will enjoy superior coverage and seamless connectivity.”

The AurusLINK/UScellular Outdoor Receiver, comparable in size to a smartphone, addresses the needs of today’s customers with its compact and user-friendly design. Leveraging Casa Systems’ extensive experience in fixed wireless technology, the device comes with an easy-to-use app that offers step-by-step installation instructions and network intelligence to locate the best 5G signal.

Eric Jagher, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at UScellular, emphasized the importance of providing reliable connectivity to customers, saying, “Casa Systems offers proven technology that delivers reliable, high-performance 5G services that will make a real difference in our customers’ lives.”

Additionally, Casa Systems and UScellular are collaborating on innovative hardware and software solutions to support UScellular’s growth strategies beyond FWA. This partnership marks a significant step toward closing the digital divide and providing high-speed internet access to underserved areas across the United States.