China Mobile 5G base station deployment touches 188,000

China Mobile, the world’s #1 telecom operator, has revealed the latest achievements in its 5G business.
China Mobile Capex H1 2020China Mobile has deployed 188,000 5G base stations in over 50 cities in China as of the end of June 2020 to provide commercialized 5G services.

China Mobile has made an investment of 55.2 billion yuan in 5G in the first half of 2020 against the target of 105 billion yuan for the full year.

China Mobile aims to build 300,000 new 5G BTS this year. China Mobile is also aiming to expedite the development of network cloudification and virtualisation, promoting the scale commercialisation of NFV progressively.

“We also worked to speed up the construction of 5G SA core network to lay a foundation for achieving the scale commercialization of SA within this year. We signed an agreement with China Broadcasting Network Corporation for co-construction and sharing,” Yang Jie, chairman of China Mobile, said.

China Mobile has 947 million mobile customers. China Mobile has 760 million 4G customers in the country. China Mobile has 70.20 million 5G package customers.

China Mobile’s mobile ARPU fell 3.7 percent to 50.3 yuan despite the presence of 760 million 4G customers and 70.2 million 5G customers.

China Mobile added 8.95 million household broadband customers and reached 181 million in the first half 2020. Household broadband blended ARPU rose 1 percent to 35.4 billion yuan in the first of the year.

China Mobile’s operating revenue grew 0.1 percent to 389.9 billion yuan. Telecom services revenue rose 1.9 percent to 358.2 billion yuan.