China Mobile ARPU jumps just 0.3% despite 233 mn 5G network customers

China Mobile, announcing the earnings report, revealed that it had mobile customer base of around 967 million including 467 million 5G package customers and 233 million 5G network customers during the first quarter of 2022.
China Mobile 5G storeMobile ARPU increased by 0.3 percent to RMB47.5 for the first quarter. China Mobile will place a focus on value-oriented operating practices and promote product innovation, striving to achieve stable and healthy growth in mobile ARPU in 2022.

China Mobile has 249 million wireline broadband customers, with a quarterly increase of 8.99 million. The total number of household broadband customers was 225 million, with a quarterly increase of 7.27 million.

China Mobile’s wireline broadband ARPU grew 1.8 percent to RMB32.4. Household broadband blended ARPU grew by 5.3 percent to RMB37.8.

China Mobile’s telecom services revenue grew by 9.1 percent to RMB193.8 billion for the first quarter of 2022. China Mobile’s revenue from sales of products and others increased by 61.6 percent to RMB33.5 billion, mainly due to the growth in handset sales.

EBITDA as a percentage of telecom services revenue stood at 39.3 percent. China Mobile expects that its network operation and support expenses will increase at a high rate due to the large scale operation of 5G.


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