China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom  join GSMA Open Gateway initiative

World’s largest operators — China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom – have joined the GSMA Open Gateway initiative to accelerate digital services and mobile apps – ahead of ahead of MWC 2023 Shanghai.
GSMA Open Gateway initiativeThe GSMA Open Gateway initiative helps developers and cloud providers collaborate with mobile operators through a framework of open network Application Programmable Interfaces (APIs), designed to provide universal access to operator networks across all continents.

The GSMA Open Gateway initiative is now supported by 29 mobile network operators, representing around 60 percent of mobile connections worldwide.

The initiative, which launched with eight proofs of concept in February, has grown to 23. The APIs developed through early adopter programs cover everything from device location and SIM swap to combat online financial crime, through to Quality on Demand to deliver more immersive gaming experiences and enable drones to carry out data intensive missions safely.

Gao Tongqing, EVP, China Mobile, said: “China Mobile has been committed to opening up network capabilities and driving positive contributions to promoting the development of the digital economy.”

Li Jun, EVP, China Telecom, said: “Our priority is to ensure the best mobile experience for our customers, so the opportunity to participate in this leading mobile industry development is invaluable.”

Liang Baojun, EVP, China Unicom, said: “The Open Gateway initiative will play a crucial role in helping accelerate innovation in the telecoms industry and launch opportunities for 5G and ultra-fast broadband connectivity.”