Deutsche Telekom CTO on 5G network investment

Telekom is right on track with its 5G and FTTH rollout, says Srini Gopalan, member of Telekom Board of Management responsible for business in Germany, and Walter Goldenits, Telekom’ Head of Technology in Germany.
Deutsche Telekom network EuropeTelekom has offered 430,000 new FTTH connections since the beginning of the year. Telekom’s new 5G mobile network can be used by 85 percent of people in Germany.

“Our ambition is to be the leader in fixed and mobile communications. We are investing over EUR 2 billion a year in fiber roll-out,” Srini Gopalan said.

Deutsche Telekom has enabled 430,000 gigabit-capable fiber connections (FTTH, fiber to the home) in the fixed network and laid more than 30,000 kilometers of fiber for this purpose in the current year. In July alone, more than 85,000 connections were made. That remains 1.2 million Fiber connections for the year 2021.

Deutsche Telekom said 55,000 antennas are transmitting with 5G in Telekom’s mobile network. This means that 85 percent of citizens can already use the new mobile communications standard. Telekom aims to exceed the 90 percent mark by the end of the year.

Deutsche Telekom said 5G on the ultra-fast 3.6 GHz frequency band is now available in more than 60 cities. Over 2,400 antennas at a total of around 800 locations are ensuring that more and more people can use high-speed 5G.

“Our 5G approach is all about speed and latency. We combine frequency bands. We use technologies in such a way that our customers have the highest added value,” Walter Goldenits said.

Telekom is also pursuing the topic of 5G Stand Alone. “We are currently operating stand-alone sites in four German cities and are very satisfied with the tests. This technology will unleash the full potential of virtual and augmented reality, mobile gaming and industrial networking,” Walter Goldenits said.

Telekom’s Fiber network covers more than 600,000 kilometers. In Germany, the company supplies more than 34.3 million households and businesses with bandwidths of at least 50 and up to 100 Mbit/s for downloads via vectoring. 26.1 million of these can use up to 250 Mbit/s via super vectoring. 2.5 million households can already get a Fiber connection with bandwidths of up to 1 Gbit/s.

Telekom’s investment in FTTH broadband business will ensure that every household and every company in Germany will have a fiber connection by 2030. Telekom said the first milestone remains 10 million FTTH connections by the end of 2024.