Deutsche Telekom reveals Capex, Opex, subscriber growth, 5G coverage in first-quarter

Deutsche Telekom has revealed its financial result – Capex, Opex, revenue, profit, subscriber growth, and 5G coverage – during the first quarter of 2024.
Deutsche Telekom brandDeutsche Telekom’s first-quarter revenue rose 0.4 percent to €27.942 billion.  Capex decreased by €0.1 billion to €4.718 billion.

In the United States segment, capex decreased by €0.4 billion, mainly as a result of higher cash outflows for the accelerated build-out of the 5G network in the prior years. Capex in Germany increased by €0.3 billion to €1.5 billion, focusing on fiber-optic build-out. Capex in Europe touched €500 million.

In Germany, 5G network was available to 96.5  percent of the German population, and a total of 8.2 million households and companies can subscribe to a fiber-optic line.

In Europe, Deutsche Telekom covered 68.2  percent of the population with 5G, and 9.3 million households can access fiber-optic network offering gigabit speeds.

Net profit decreased significantly to EUR 2.0 billion, due to the gain on deconsolidation from the sale of GD Towers in the prior year.

Deutsche Telekom has 255.8 million (up 3.1 percent) mobile customers, 25.3 million (up 0.1 percent) fixed-network customers, and 22.1 million (up 2.5 percent) broadband customer at the end of March 2024.

In Europe, Deutsche Telekom had 48.8 million mobile customers at the end of March 31, 2024.

Deutsche Telekom’s mobile customer-base was 12.575 million in Poland, 7.107 million in Greece, 3.661 million in Romania, 6.324 million in Hungary, 6.492 million in Czech Republic, 2.337 million in Croatia, 2.527 million in Slovakia, and 6.088 million in Austria.

Deutsche Telekom’s fixed-network customer-base was 29K in Poland, 2.611 million in Greece, 1.938 million in Hungary, 773K in Czech Republic, 868K in Croatia, 854K in Slovakia, and 610K in Austria.

Deutsche Telekom’s broadband customer-base was 285K in Poland, 2.4 million in Greece, 1.609 million in Hungary, 472K in Czech Republic, 663K in Croatia, 657K in Slovakia, and 667K in Austria.

Baburajan Kizhakedath


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