Deutsche Telekom to show 5G power and IoT solutions at MWC 2018

Deutsche Telekom network Europe German telecom giant Deutsche Telekom will be showcasing its latest achievements in 5G and IoT segments at the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2018) in Barcelona.

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“With the rapid expansion of our NB-IoT network as part of 5G in Europe and the USA, the diversity of innovative solutions in a wide variety of industries is also growing,” said Ingo Hofacker, who is responsible for the IoT business in the Deutsche Telekom Group.

Deutsche Telekom, as part of its IoT and 5G business plans, said sensor network can assist winemakers and bridge builders to improve their products.

Deutsche Telekom at MWC 2018 will show that the machine network based on NarrowBand IoT (NB-IoT) is ready for use in all business areas, including transport & logistics, industrial automation, and the public sector.

ISTMOS has tied up with Deutsche Telekom’s Greek operator Cosmote to create a logistics solution called smart wine that monitors individual bottle of wine in the winery to ensure optimal quality, and tracks during transport to its final destination like a restaurant or liquor store.

The NB-IoT sensors monitor temperature, humidity and luminosity and the results can be checked via an app which reads the QR code on each bottle. The solution based on Deutsche Telekom’s Internet of Things network and connectivity opens up new possibilities and business models.

Toolsense, a T-Mobile Austria and Deutsche Telekom partner, develops smart machinery solutions to help OEMs to make better products based on usage-generated sensor data from their mobile, energy-critical tools including electric saws, drilling machines or jack-hammers.

The telecom operator said digital data analytics of these mobile machineries are based on Deutsche Telekom’s IoT connectivity and help improve important performance criteria such as their longevity, energy consumption or wear and tear.

Toolsense enables rapid time-to-market for tool OEMs by providing prefabricated modules and a scalable, secure IoT cloud, as well as frontends and mobile applications for all users of the connected tools solution.

Deutsche Telekom is working with German partner BS2 Sicherheitssysteme, who developed a NB-IoT-based digital monitoring solution for bridges, tunnels, buildings and other infrastructure objects.

Sensors in this construction early-warning system monitor temperature, humidity and corrosion. The sensors can pick up the warning signs long before they can be seen, thus making all structures monitored in this way smarter, safer and more sustainable, reducing damage and minimizing repair work and costs.