Ericsson, Verizon achieve 10 Gbps speed during 5G field trial

Telecom network maker Ericsson and Verizon announced more than 10 Gbps speeds during 5G field trial.

Ericsson made this announcement at the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2016).

Verizon field trial of Ericsson 5G Radio Prototypes apply advanced beam forming and beam tracking to extend reach of high frequency signals while delivering more than 10 Gbps speeds.

Use case focuses on high-definition video streaming from outdoor 5G Radio Prototypes to indoor device in residential and enterprise environments.

Ericsson 5G Radio Prototypes

Multi-User MIMO, which ensures that the Ericsson 5G Radio Prototypes can address many users with the same spectrum, in one sector of a site

Beamforming, key to enabling the Ericsson 5G Radio Prototypes to support higher frequency bands, driving increased reach and reduced energy consumption

Beam tracking, wherein the Ericsson 5G Radio Prototypes tracks the position and movements of a given device and points one of more beams in the best direction for that device at any given time. These beams can come from multiple transmission points.

Advanced antenna design incorporating 128 antenna elements and 64 radio chains in each Ericsson 5G Radio Prototype

In 5G field trials in February 2016, Ericsson 5G Radio Prototypes achieved more than 10 Gbps peak throughput while supporting beamforming and beam tracking features. In the Verizon field trial, the Ericsson 5G Radio Prototypes, mounted outdoors, delivered HD video streaming to devices located indoors, emulating a residential customer environment.

Ed Chan, senior vice president, Technology Strategy & Planning at Verizon, said: “Verizon continues to accelerate innovation around 5G technology by working closely with our partners.”

Arun Bansal, head of Business Unit Radio, Ericsson, said Verizon and Ericsson share a commitment to getting 5G out of the labs and into the neighborhoods where it will live.

Ericsson 5G Radio Prototypes leverage the technology innovations enabled by the lab-testing and live outdoor and indoor testing from phase one of the Ericsson Radio Test Bed, already deployed in the US, Japan, Korea and Sweden.

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