Far EasTone is the global winner for 5G download speed: Opensignal

Opensignal has revealed the 5G global mobile network experience awards 2021 showing that East Asian telcos are dominating 5G Download Speed.
Far EasTone 5G network
Far EasTone is the global winner for 5G Download Speed

Smartphone users on Far EasTone mobile network in Taiwan enjoyed the fastest 5G Download Speed globally with 5G download speeds of 447.8 Mbps. East Asian telcos dominated the category. Including Far EasTone, four out of the top six operators are from East Asia. South Korea’s SK Telecom’s 417.6 Mbps is the second-fastest, while Taiwanese Chunghwa follows with 391.3 Mbps.

Far EasTone, according to news report, is investing NT$30 billion towards building 5G mobile network in Taiwan.

T-Mobile U.S. and STC Kuwait are 5G Availability joint global winners

Users’ ability to enjoy all the benefits of 5G directly depends on the proportion of time they have a 5G connection. Smartphone users on T-Mobile U.S. and STC Kuwait spent the greatest proportion of time with an active 5G connection — more than one-third of the time. Both operators are statistically tied for the top spot with scores of 35.7 percent and 33.6 percent, respectively.

Chunghwa, Far EasTone and T-Mobile Netherlands have the best 5G Video Experience globally

Opensignal’s 5G Video Experience quantifies the quality of video streamed to mobile devices by measuring real-world video streams. Chunghwa, FarEasTone and T-Mobile Netherlands are joint global winners for 5G Video Experience scoring 85, 84.8, and 84.4 points, respectively. All three operators place in the Excellent (75 or above) category.

Taiwan’s Far EasTone sweeps away the 5G Global Winner award for 5G Upload Speed

Users’ experience on FarEasTone is staggeringly fast when it comes to upload speeds on its 5G network. FarEasTone is the global winner for 5G Upload Speed, with users on its network reporting 66 Mbps on average. Upload speeds are becoming more and more important as consumers are increasingly creating and sharing through social media.

5G Download Speeds were over 1000 percent faster than 4G on six operators

5G has an astonishing impact on users’ average download speeds. Thailand’s AIS users experienced the most remarkable improvement of 1775.2 percent in their average download speeds with 5G compared to 4G, followed by those on Japan’s Rakuten (1560.5 percent) and Saudi Arabia’s Zain (1560.2 percent). Opensignal users on FarEasTone (Taiwan), TIM (Italy) and Vodafone (Spain) also saw improvements of over 1000 percent.

ASEAN markets saw the greatest improvement in Video Experience using 5G

AIS Thailand users saw the greatest 5G impact on Video Experience, with 36.6 percent better score while streaming videos on their smartphones using 5G compared to 4G, followed by the Philippines’ Globe (32.8 percent) and Smart (23.4 percent). Users on all three networks enjoyed an Excellent Video Experience with 5G but not with 4G. Plus, 24 operators saw a 5G boost of over 10 percent on their users’ Video Experience.

Seven operators are top in 5G Games Experience

All of South Korea’s operators — KT, SK Telecom, and LG U+ — are joint global winners for 5G Games Experience, with statistically tied scores alongside Netherlands’ T-Mobile and KPN, Singapore’s Singtel and Ireland’s Vodafone.

Games Experience saw a greater increase with 5G than Video Experience

Seven operators saw a 5G Games Experience that was over 20 percent better using 5G than on 4G compared with four for Video Experience. Globe saw the largest uplift in their mobile multiplayer gaming experience using 5G — their 5G score is a whopping 65.2 percent better than 4G. Globe’s domestic rival Smart ranked second, followed by Thailand’s TrueMoveH. Canada’s three national operators also make it to the top 30 for Global 5G Impact on Games Experience — while Rogers places among the top 10, its peers Bell and Telus are further below, along with U.S. operators Verizon and AT&T.


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