FCC announces team to develop spectrum strategy

FCC announced the establishment of the Spectrum Steering Team, which will lead the FCC’s efforts to develop and implement forward-looking spectrum policies and execute the National Spectrum Strategy.
US FCC Chair Jessica Rosenworcel
The Spectrum Steering Team brings together policy experts, economists, and engineers from across the Commission — including the Office of Economics and Analytics, Office of Engineering and Technology, Space Bureau, and Wireless Telecommunications Bureau — to drive spectrum policy and planning efforts that will ensure U.S. wireless leadership.

“The National Spectrum Strategy is a good start, and the Spectrum Steering Team will put its experience, talent and leadership to work helping to shape a bright wireless future,” FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel said.

Spectrum Steering Team will coordinate the FCC’s National Spectrum Strategy implementation efforts—including active participation in the in-depth study of 2,786 megahertz of spectrum for repurposing across key bands—and collaborate with the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, federal agencies, and stakeholders.

The Spectrum Steering Team will be seeking input from stakeholders on how the FCC can best support the National Spectrum Strategy implementation efforts.

Spectrum Steering Team will be co-led by Susan Mort, Deputy Chief of the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau, and Ira Keltz, Deputy Chief of the Office of Engineering and Technology.  Krista Witanowski, legal advisor in OET, will serve as Chief of Staff.