Huawei joins the cloud gaming momentum ushering in 5G

Huawei X Labs and Thunder Fire have announced collaboration for establishing a 5G cloud game joint innovation lab.

As China gets ready for 5G, leading technology providers in China are eyeing the new opportunity in cloud gaming driven by the higher speed and lower latency in 5G networks.

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Together, Huawei X Labs and Thunder Fire will work to explore the opportunities in the gaming industry and game experience evaluating models to promote the development of the cloud gaming industry.

Cloud games combine the strong points of console games and mobile games, further addressing the players’ demands for game quality and convenience. The business models are set to change from buying hardware resources to paying for quality contents and super experience, Huawei said.

Under this partnership, both parties will conduct joint research into the status quo and demands of game experience, explore 5G-based game experience evaluating models, and develop industrial consensus and standards.

Also, both parties plan to make further optimizations and conduct cross-platform verification to allow cloud games to better develop on top of 5G networks and terminals.

Peng Honghua, chief marketing officer of Huawei’s Wireless Network, said, “4G has nurtured mobile games, and 5G is about to nourish cloud games. 5G offers us powerful tools to provide ultra-high bandwidth, ultra-low latency, and QoS guarantee, clearing last-mile barriers for cloud games.”

“With strong support of 5G and cloud technologies, mobile phones, pads, tablets, computers, and even set-top boxes (STBs) can become game devices, adding new sources to flourish the cloud industry and presenting new business opportunities,” Honghua added. “By working with NetEase,  Huawei hopes to make a unique contribution to the cloud game industry.”