Huawei, LG U+ collaborate for 5G smart city project in Seoul

LG U+ and Huawei launch Seoul TechCity

Huawei, in partnership with LG U+, has launched Seoul TechCity, a smart city project featuring 5G capabilities including Giga Everywhere and a 10~20 Gbps peak data rate experience.

In addition to Giga Everywhere, the project focuses on two other areas to accelerate monetization: mobile-enabled digitized industry infrastructure and the ability to build ecosystems for a digital society.

Both Huawei and LG U+ have been partners on 5G since 2016. Both companies have demonstrated Dual-connectivity technology verification with 20Gbps downlink rate in Seoul field tests, world’s first UHD IPTV over 5G FWA, and 5G dense urban field trials in Seoul’s Gangnam district.

The Giga Everywhere Experience City will drive basic urban communication capability upgrade. Currently LG U+ offers 1Gbps internet services for every building in major cities via fixed broadband, but Giga internet still poses a challenge outside of buildings as 4G provides Giga capability, but can’t yet guarantee Giga everywhere.

TechCity will build cluster networks to provide 5G-oriented Giga everywhere and a 10~20Gbps peak data rate experience, to drive early upgrades of basic urban communication capability. TechCity will satisfy LG U+ customer experience requirements and position LG U+ leadership in technology, Huawei said.

Through TechCity project, both companies will collaborate with other industry partners to continue fostering new services and service based solutions to create a mobile-enabled digitized infrastructure. Some of the technologies in focus include UHD IPTV over 5G FWA, VR/AR, Drone, V2X, and NB-IoT applications.

In an effort to create better connected cities, the partnership will focus on building an ecosystem for digital societies by involving global operators and through participation from businesses and governments.