India 5G download speed jumps: Ookla

The download speed of mobile Internet in India increased from 13.87 Mbps in September 2022 to 29.85 Mbps in January 2023, according to Ookla.
Kazakhstan mobile networkSmartphone customers have noticed improvement in LTE speeds for Jio and Airtel since the launch of 5G services.

The 5G mobile download speeds in India oscillated between 512.57 Mbps (Gujarat) and 19.23 Mbps (Uttar Pradesh West) as the 5G networks build out started.

In nine telecom circles: Andhra Pradesh, Kolkata, North East, Haryana, Rajasthan, Bihar, Punjab, Kerala and Uttar Pradesh West, the 5G download speed was below 100 Mbps because networks were at the testing stage.

In January 2023, 5G download speeds had increased across all of the telecom circles exceeding 200 Mbps everywhere except Jammu and Kashmir, with Kolkata clocking speeds over 500 Mbps.

5G investments made by the operators have propelled an increase in 4G LTE speeds thanks to the modernization of the underlying infrastructure.

5G download speed is 25 times that of 4G LTE (338.12 Mbps vs. 13.30 Mbps), and median 5G upload speed is 4.5 times 4G LTE (19.65 Mbps vs 3.55 Mbps).