Is 5G helping in opening Google, YouTube and Facebook quickly?

Ookla says Indian smartphone customers are able to open websites such as Google, YouTube and Facebook quickly.

5G speed in India Speedtest report Q1 2024

Analysis of Speedtest data shows the page speed on Google, YouTube and Facebook — was much higher on 5G than 4G in India during Q1 2024.

Google opened 23 percent faster on 5G than 4G. YouTube opened 32 percent faster. Facebook opened 33 percent faster on 5G.

In India, 5G smartphone customers can open Facebook within 1.8 seconds, Google within 1.3 seconds, YouTube within 2.1 seconds, analysis of Speedtest data shows.

For comparison, Speedtest data from the U.S. shows 5G delivered a much lower page load speed than 4G on all three services during Q1 2024. Google loaded 21 percent faster on 5G than 4G. YouTube was 22 percent faster. Facebook was 26 percent faster on 5G.

United States 5G speed in Q1 2024

This means, 5G smartphone customers in the United States are able to open their Facebook page within 1.3 seconds, Google within 0.8 seconds, YouTube within 1.7 seconds on their smartphones, analysis of Speedtest data shows.

The latest Ookla report said page load speed is a critical measure of web browsing experience. Page load speed measures how long it takes for a page to load, fully displaying the content on that page. This is directly impacted by latency.

Baburajan Kizhakedath


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